Brand Story

"SNEGI - an unwavering idea that took years from inception to the first prototype.

Years of search: for technologies, machinery, quality materials, reliable suppliers, and skilled artisans. All fueled by pure enthusiasm." – Kirill, founder.

The concept of the SNEGI brand was born 13 years ago. In 2010, I started, and by 2014, I had found an abandoned factory in the Sebezh region and the first like-minded individuals. For two years, we gathered equipment from all over the country, reimagined the technology, and developed prototypes.

Only then did the SNEGI that are now loved and worn in Russia, Europe, America, and Australia come into existence.

We have a unique experience in building a team. People followed the idea. Without titles, duties, or hierarchies. They tried everything that was interesting, found themselves, and stayed. And they continue to stay.

We don't just make footwear for the home. We create something that embodies the feeling of home - its symbol, its meaningful detail, an object of self-care and care for loved ones.

SNEGI shoes - the trend from the hinterland